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Cheryl Czach

Perhaps you are feeling stuck in a career or role you “just fell into” – not quite sure what you’d like to do next but knowing you need a change.

Maybe you know exactly what you’d love to be doing but know you need support to make it happen.

I’ve been there myself. I was very good at what I did and continually received promotions, moving up the corporate ladder into increasingly higher profile roles. Until one day I looked around and thought “How the heck did I get here and is this really what I want to do for the remainder of my career?”.

The answer was no.

Some days I convinced myself it was “fine”. I was good at my job and liked the people I worked with but deep down I knew I wasn’t doing the work I wanted to, I wasn’t living up to my potential, and I was burning myself out in the meantime.

With the help of a coach I got very clear on what I wanted and put intention behind it. I was able to put my strengths to work for me. All those skills that made me a great, promotable employee, when focused on my goals, fueled my passion and drive. I created a job I love and so can you.

An experienced career coach can help you develop the skills you need to advance to the next level in your career, or work with you to identify new paths that you will find personally and professionally fulfilling.