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The Talent Strategy Collection helps busy leaders and HR professionals create world-class talent strategies by providing training across the talent management lifecycle.

Our People

We are passionate about talent strategy and development!

It’s dispiriting to see so many great businesses struggle to create effective talent strategies due to limited resources. Our team believes that all businesses, no matter their size, deserve access to powerful talent development tools that can help them grow and succeed. We are committed to helping our clients thrive in a challenging market for talent.

Our Story

HR development and organizational consulting

Over our decades of providing HR development and organizational consulting, we kept coming up against two problems:

  • Many small and medium-sized organizations did not have the resources to create expensive talent strategies. As a result, they were losing out in the war for employees.
  • As individuals and small business owners ourselves, we could only help a limited number of organizations face-to-face.

From these two challenges, the concept for the Talent Strategy Collection was born.

talent strategy meeting woman

Make the most of your time and money

The Talent Strategy Collection was created to help you quickly and efficiently develop the skills you need to navigate today’s challenging employee landscape.

Explore Our Courses

Industry Experts

Our courses are designed and taught by experts with real-world, practical experience.

Proven Approaches

The skills taught in our courses have all been successfully used in the real world.


Our courses include tools that you can download and begin using immediately to achieve results.


Our courses focus on providing straight forward skills you can implement quickly.

Who is the Talent Strategy Collection for?

The Talent Strategy Collection is designed to meet you where you are

If you are:

  • An employer struggling to hire and retain top talent
  • An HR professional who wants to brush up on your talent management strategy
  • An owner who wants to develop a world-class employer brand and culture
  • A busy professional with limited time to spend developing new HR skills

Then the Talent Strategy Collection has the tools for you.